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Custom research sample topics

This is a sampling of topics for custom research rather than an exhaustive list.  Please feel free to bring up new topics.

Research results from Baerwald Research, LLC are tailored to your specific needs and may include background information (text), images, relevant charts and graphs, copies of articles or reports, and links to websites. Results are delivered digitally, with the occasional hardcopy (see Deliverables page for examples).

Topics tend to cluster into three main areas:  1) MARKETING or BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  2) DESIGN and  3) MANAGEMENT.  Scroll down for specific examples of research requests.


Strategic marketing or business development – future trends and outlook for:

    • Industries / Markets       
    • Regions / Counties       
    • Demographics     
    • Economy       
    • Technology       
    • Issues

Project- or market-specific background on:

    • Companies / institutions / organizations – who runs them, what issues confront them, latest news, how they’re structured, impact of technology, CSR, municipal or regional issues that effect them, philosophy, goals
    • People – all about your audience, their background, experience, special interests, causes, goals
    • Potential client identification – largest companies in regions, states, industries; fastest growing, most innovative
    • Cities / regions / countries – trends, issues, demographics, sustainable initiatives, economy
    • Issues / trends – technology, public private partnerships (PPP), mobile workforce, specific industries
    • Competitors – projects done within a building type or region, philosophy


Background information on:

    • Building types / space types / styles – examples, trends. state-of-the-art
    • Architects / designers – current and past work
    • Context, current and historical – what did (does) area or city or region look like, what characteristics might effect design and planning
    • Concepts / issues – biomimicry, open office, use of daylighting, use of water, sustainable aspects, space configuration, cultural preferences, etc.
    • Materials – examples of use, trends, new technologies


Background, trends, best practices in:

    • Leadership       
    • Global management       
    • Teams       
    • Diversity       
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)              
    • Human Resources (HR) 
    • Communication    
    • Governance       
    • Time management       
    • Styles of working


Examples of requests

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