So why should you hire a professional researcher when everyone already has access to Google?

In short, because finding some content is not the same as finding the right content.

For most design professionals, searching is a sometimes successful, sometimes frustrating addition to an already overwhelming workload.  A professional researcher can save you time – increasing your billable hours – while delivering material that will equip you with deeper insight into your clients, your work, your market, your team.

Baerwald Research, LLC offers tangible benefits over ad-hoc web searching through:

  • access to specialized databases and resources not available on the mainstream web
  • years of firm-based searching experience over a wide range of topics
  • networks of fellow researchers to consult on nearly every business and academic topic

Even if you are a skilled online searcher (and there are many of you out there), a professional researcher can be a valuable partner for double-checking strategy and comparing resources.



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