Baerwald Research, LLC offers a broad range of services to meet your specialized research needs:

Custom research – Based on your unique topic parameters, we’ll help you discover fresh content that will provide deeper insights. Content may include articles, reports, websites, data, statistics, charts, images, books. Sample topics.

Ongoing topic alerts – We can set up a system for delivering a regular stream of links to relevant information. This is a good way to learn about a new field, keep current in your discipline, or see what’s happening in a client’s industry.

Library consulting – We’ll help you develop a plan for organizing, sharing, and making information more accessible within your firm or business, using both traditional and social media.



We do secondary research, finding and evaluating information from a wide variety of already-existing sources, both digital and hardcopy.  Some of the sources we use are the Web, specialized databases, libraries, archives, government repositories, and photo collections. We have an extensive network of research colleagues in almost every business and academic discipline.


We’ll try our hand at just about any topic, especially those concerning the built environment like architectural design and process, interior design, urban design, planning, sustainability, and workplace as well as general business processes such as management issues, strategic marketing or planning, project marketing, business development, client identification and background, and competitive intelligence.  You can see an expanded list of sample topics here.


  1. Contact us with a brief description of what you’d like and your deadline.
  2. After we discuss your needs and project scope, Baerwald Research, LLC will send a letter of agreement for you to review, sign, and return.  The letter will describe the scope of services we’ve agreed upon, the due date, and the fee.
  3. Fees are determined per project, with hourly fees available if required.
  4. On or before your deadline you’ll receive material from Baerwald Research, LLC, usually via email, that fulfills your request.
  5. After you’ve received the deliverable we’ll send an invoice for the agreed upon fee, payable net 30 days.

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