Plant Communication


The Secret Life of Plants: Plant Communication – scientists may discover the physiology behind the old adage that talking to your plants makes them grow better.  This article gives a brief overview of the different ways plants communicate – autosignaling (within themselves), plant-insect, and plant-plant communication.

Though plants do not grow ears like animals, it has been shown that they detect and react to external accoustic emissions – but research on the controversial property to produce structured, acoustic sounds as found in corn roots (Plant Bioacoustics), is still in its infancy.

… instead of using airborne signals, plants can also communicate via the root interface by utilizing underground mycorrhizal networks. Mycorrhizal fungi commonly live on roots in a symbiotic relationsship, providing the plant with minerals, themselves benefiting from the host’s carbohydrates. The direct physical connection established by the mycorrhizal network allows for the fast exchange of signals between plants and warning of neighbours to be prepared for attackers.

The image is of plants mirrored in water (Sebastian Niedlich / Flickr).




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