NYC’s Urban Green on building resiliency

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18 building resiliency proposals at city council – New York’s Urban Green Council, a chapter of USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), has recently released their Building Resiliency Task Force Report.  It consists of 18 post-Hurricane Sandy proposals for “making New York buildings and residents safer and better prepared for the next extreme weather event.”  You can see the 48-p Summary Report here, view or download the full report here, and track features of the proposals here.

The report includes suggestions for stronger buildings, backup power, essential safety, and better planning.  From the introduction:

In the 20 years leading up to Superstorm Sandy, New York City experienced nine coastal storms and six heat waves. … These events have caused hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars of damage to buildings, infrastructure, and the city economy. … New York needs resilient buildings that resist damage, protect occupants, and allow residents who must evacuate to quickly return to their homes.

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Thanks to Mary Ann Lazarus for pointing out this resource!

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