Light is the medium – James Turrell

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A Year of Light and Space – anyone who’s interested in James Turrell’s work with light, space, and perception will have ample opportunity to see it in person this year. Exhibits of his installations will open in Los Angeles (LACMA), Houston (Museum of Fine Arts), and New York (Guggenheim Museum – the image shown here) as well a gallery exhibit, Sooner Than Later, Roden Crater.  The subject of his work is light itself, it’s color and our perception of it.  In a recent Financial Times interview with Turrell he says:

“Generally we use light to illuminate other things,” says Turrell. “I like the thingness, the materiality of light itself. So it feels like it’s occupying the space, making a plane, being something that was there, not just passing through. Because light is just passing through. I make these spaces that seem to arrest it for our perception.”

Thanks for the tip, Brian.

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