Library check – Mark #42

trio of Dutch design magazines from Frame Publishers – Frame (interiors), Mark (architecture), Elephant (art/visual culture) – are all definitely worth a look.  Online you get a sense of content and layout, but to see the issues entire you have to either purchase or subscribe yourself or, my choice, be near a library that does.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 9.04.59 PM


Mark #42 – this issue (Feb/Mar 2013) ranges from China to Japan to Texas to Mexico to Paraguay to Switzerland to an extensive feature on Poland.  It includes houses (drive-in houses, an interstitial / verge house, an earthquake resistant concrete office home, an art gallery home, the narrowest house you’ll ever see), a Chinese “brick whisperer” and an architect talking about his books (“Books are the physical evidence of the history of architecture”).  Throughout are lots of photos and plans.

Go to a library and check it out.

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