Lebbeus Woods at SFMoMA

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Sci-Fi Stylings From A Legend Of Architectural Fantasy – upcoming exhibition (Feb 16-June 2, 2013) at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Lebbeus Woods, Architect, will feature the visionary architect’s work since the mid-1990s (he died late last year as the exhibition was being planned).  There aren’t many built projects by Woods, it’s his drawings and thinking that have influenced architects and designers for the past few decades and there will be lots of those on view at the exhibition.

Woods … excelled at imagining elaborate structures that existed in a completely conceptual dimension.

From the museum’s site:

The extensive drawings and models on view present an original perspective on the built environment — one that holds high regard for humanity’s ability to resist, respond, and create in adverse conditions. “Maybe I can show what could happen if we lived by a different set of rules,” he once said.

If you’re interested in learning more about Woods, check out both his website and his blog, which has an interesting series on slums.

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