It’s National Engineers Week!

Quick, how many engineers or engineering firms can you name?  If you’re having a little trouble, now’s your chance to become more aware of the huge contribution these inventive thinkers make to our built environment.

Here are a couple of links with practical information on what engineers do and what they earn.

  • Why Engineers Earn More – this is an overview of what graduating and mid-career engineers are making, with lots of links to surveys and organizations that look at this kind of thing
  • National Engineers Week Foundation – good information for someone thinking about going into engineering, on schools, statistics, types of engineering (it looks like they include structural engineering in with civil)

While you were reading I was making a list of engineers.  Start here to explore or feel free to add  others!

Arup / Santiago Calatrava / Pier Luigi Nervi / Peter Rice / Fazlur Khan / Gustave Eiffel / James Buchanan Eads / Robert Maillart / Cecil Balmond / Felix Candela / Frei Otto / Buro Happold / Schlaich Bergemann und Partner

I want to also mention HOK‘s St. Louis Structures Group which has a great team and a high percentage of women, all of them awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 9.05.02 PM


And last – Mother nature at her best: Structural engineer in action.



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