INABA on architecture, technology and the city

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Adaptation: Architecture, Technology and the City – great digital magazine from the analysis-based architectural practice of Jeffrey Inaba on how cities and technology are adapting to each other.  There’s a lot of thoughtful content here.  A brief selection:


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(p. 43) Measuring the City: The infrastructure of data collection shows just how and where data is collected



Urbanism for Techies: Can tech companies bring new life to urban areas? An interview with Allison Arieff (p. 79-81) – talks about companies becoming more city-like, providing amenities to employees, even nearby housing.  [company towns?]

“There’s a huge move in companies to create a culture that’s both inspiring and provides services to employees.  Of course, there’s also the desire to keep people on campus and at work as long as possible.”

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From Free City: Overlapping urbanism creates a new city prototype (p. 83-87), p. 85 – “…designed by the architecture studio Fernando Romero EnterprisE as a prototype for charter cities to be built in emerging economies around the world.”


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Then and now: The modern office (p. 147) – part of a series of photos


Thanks, Brian, for the tip!

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