HBR – top sustainable stories of 2012

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Top 10 Sustainable Business Stories of 2012 – Harvard Business Review’s blog network has collected their top stories on green business into a summary post which includes macro trends and company stories.  Here are the main points:

  1. Historic drought and Hurricane Sandy sweep away (some) climate denial
  2. The math and physics of planetary constraints get clearer
  3. The clean economy continues to explode
  4. The green supply chain gets some teeth: Walmart changes incentives for buyers
  5. Transparency and tragedy raise awareness about worker conditions
  6. Data gets bigger and faster: PepsiCo and Columbia speed up lifecycle assessments
  7. Sustainability innovation opens up: Unilever, Heineken, and EMC ask the world for help
  8. The economy gets a bit more circular: M&S, H&M, and Puma experiment with closing loops
  9. Dematerialization gets sexier: Nike’s knitted shoe shows off sustainable style
  10. Zero becomes more the norm: DuPont, GM and John Elkington show the way

Thanks to Mary Ann and Corinne!


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