Growing up in a designer’s family



Modernists At Play – the children of mid-20th century architects and designers talk about their childhoods.  From this Metropolis post:

Michael Gotkin, a landscape architect who is currently writing a book on modernist play environments, says the concept of children’s play was radically reinvented by artists, architects, landscape architects, and industrial designers. “For the first time, designers played a major role in shaping the arenas of children’s play, creating environments that fostered imaginative, group, and unstructured play, in marked contrast to earlier decades of narrowly defined play equipment,” he says. But what was it like being the child of an architect or designer? What were their toys and games like? We asked five of them to share their singular experiences with us.

The image here (from the post) is a Hugh Hardy-designed playhouse / toolshed.  Saw it on Waltercomms Blog.

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