First large-scale wave power farm

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First Large Wave Power Generator Installed in Lysekil, Sweden – Uppsala University is installing the first generator of what will become the first large-scale wave power farm for producing electricity.

“The generator will be the first in the world not to use permanent magnets. The materials in these are rare and have become ten times more expensive in the last years, and also have a negative impact on the environment. We need alternatives so instead we are using something new, so called ferrite magnets, in this generator.”

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See extensive project and technology background on Uppsala University’s Wave Power Project – Lysekil including this graph illustrating why wave-generated power is among the most competitive forms of renewable energy.


As the above figure shows, the energy content per unit increases in intensity from solar power, to wind power, to water. The reason for this is that nature concentrates solar energy in wind and then further amasses this energy in sea waves.

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