Report Formats – what you get

The research results you get from Baerwald Research, LLC, the deliverable, usually comes to you via email as a Word document, Excel table, or PDF document.


The goal is to provide you with something that’s clear and easy to understand.  You will almost never get just a bare link.  There will always be some kind of description, something to help you decide if it’s worth a click through right now or not.

Another goal is to give you something to work with no matter how much time you have.  There are levels of access possible.

  1. If you’re 10 minutes before a presentation you’ve got images and easily scannable headlines.
  2. If you’ve got a bit of time you can scan the descriptions and click through the occasional link.
  3. If you really want to dig into the topic, you have a vetted, organized collection of links to explore.  For each link the most relevant pages within that website or article or document are already highlighted for your attention so you don’t have to search for them.  Charts, maps, and other graphics are called out.  Images are shown in thumbnail when appropriate.

Examples of deliverables

Under construction – more examples coming soon

Report:  Conference / visitor / innovation centers; examples, issues, state-of-the-art, use of technology – note the tabs across the bottom; each facet of the research results gets its own tab, whether it’s a specific project, examples of a building type, or a related issue (work done while employed by HOK)











Report (first 2 pages):  City branding, community engagement/involvement – examples of cities that are engaged in rebranding, what they’re doing, general principles, how to involve the community in the effort.  Each aspect of the topic has its own section.  In each section you get links to articles / reports / websites with description, relevant parts quoted for quick reading without opening the link, and images where helpful.

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