Curry Stone Design Prize winner – Hunnarshala

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 1.11.53 PMHunnarshala, Bhuj, India, 2013 Winner – Hunnarshala is a group of architects and engineers that was formed in response to a major disaster in northern India.  It “is based on legitimizing and giving dignity to the building artisan community that has been the repository of so much knowledge….”  They work with local materials, artisans, traditional techniques, and with communities to develop master plans, and plans for drinking water and solid waste management.  It has transformed these communities by tapping into local knowledge systems, “the engine of Hunnarshala.”

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Hunnarshala is just one of the 23 winning project videos “about designers changing the world.”  Others are Design Hospitals That Prevent Contagion, about hospitals designed for Rwanda by Boston-based MASS Design;  Reimagine a City From It’s Lowest End, “a series of public works projects that have helped revitalize Medellin’s most impoverished neighborhoods.”  All of them show inspiring, creative applications of design to help people improve their lives in practical ways.

The Curry Stone Design Prize is one of a number of prizes awarded by the Curry Stone Foundation to support innovative projects that aim toward improving public health.  Here’s more on the Design Prize:

The Curry Stone Design Prize was founded in 2008 by Clifford Curry and Delight Stone to promote and honor designers who address critical social needs.  The prize champions the belief that design can be a powerful force for improving lives and strengthening communities.  It is intended to inspire both designers and a broad audience by telling the stories of change agents in short documentary videos.  In addition to the videos, the prize gives no-strings-attached cash awards.


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