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Building Types – Transportation

Hovering roundabout for bicycles & pedestrians

Circular bicycle bridge hovers over busy highway – walkers and bicyclists in the Dutch city of Eindhoven have a great way to cross a major intersection, via this wonderful floating bridge designed by ipv Delft.  You get a taste of it in the 1-min clip accompanying the post and also …

Geothermal using body heat

  The Power of a Hot Body – catchy title, and a good idea.  Why waste the heat generated by hundreds of people waiting in a subway station and the friction of trains on tracks?  This NYTimes opinion piece cites examples from Paris, Minnesota, and Sweden.   Idly mingling, a human …

Munich’s metro stations

  The Architectural Spectacle That Is Munich’s Metro – interview with Nick Frank, an art director who’s taken striking photos of Munich’s subway stations.  He says the best time to find them without people is early Sunday mornings. We caught up with Frank to discuss the architecture of his architectural shots.