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This is another shout-out for the website Designers & Books.  Every Tuesday on their blog they post a list from a selected designer of books that have played a significant role in that designer’s thinking (see my previous post about this aspect of the site).  It gets better.

Take today’s post, Interaction and Information: Carola Zwick’s Book List.  Click on Book List, then select a book that interests you (this is a great list so there are many good ones) and click on the cover photo or title.  I’ve chosen The Office: A Facility Based on Change.  What do you get?  Besides basic info on the book (including a list of all editions from WorldCat) you get links to affiliated booksellers to make it easier to purchase and if you type in your zip code you get a list, also from WorldCat, of libraries nearest you that have the book!  Someone here is doing serious thinking about how to make books easily available to interested readers.  I’m impressed.

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