3D mapping at here.stamen.com

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Announcing here.stamen.com – designers of maps and data visualizations at stamen design have been working with Nokia map data from Here.com to create shareable, embeddable WebGL 3D maps at here.stamen.com.

A description of this early-release prototype:

It uses 3D data from HERE for San Francisco, New York, London, and Berlin to create city-wide 3D browsable maps, and it does this in the browser (though you’ll need a WebGL-enabled browser to see it). As in many of our other mapping projects, the urls change dynamically depending on location and other factors, and the data conforms, more or less, to the Tile Map Service specification. What this means, among other things, is that it’s not only possible to link to and embed these maps at specific locations and zoom levels, but that it’s easy—and as we’ve seen with Citytracking, easy is good.

Shown above is a snip from the watercolor version of London.  Below is a snip from the same page that shows what other styles are available.

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